Author Guidelines

JPS (Jurnal Perbankan Syariah)

Writing Terms and Procedures:

  1. The manuscript is written in Indonesian or English following the specified format.
  2. The author registers (click here).
  3. The author sends the manuscript by submission no later than 2 months before publication.
  4. Posts will be accepted by the editor and checked whether it is feasible to proceed to the reviewer.
  5. If the writing is feasible it will be sent to the report by the editor. If the writing is not feasible, the writing will be rejected.
  6. After the writing is received by the reviewer, the reviewer will check again whether it is appropriate to be reviewed. If feasible, they will be examined and reviewed and given notes or input. If it is not feasible, it will be rejected.
  7. If there is a revision it will be notified and the author must revise and resend the revised writing, then step 4 again.
  8. If it has been received there will be a notification that the writing was received.
  9. Then the writing the reviewer has received will be edited by the editor. The editor has the right to summarize, reduce and improve the format of the writing to be published in the journal without changing the substance of the content and writing.
  10. After the writing is edited, the production process is carried out in pdf format.
  11. Then the editor will publish the article while waiting for the writings of other writers who are worthy of publication and the latest journal published online and printed.

Writing Standards:

  1. Systematic writing for the results of research or field research at least includes Introduction, Literature Review and Hypothesis Development (for qualitative research only literature review), Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and References. Acknowledgements or Awards (if any "only for sponsors") are placed after the Conclusion and before the References.
  2. Systematics of writing for library research or the results of thou