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IQTISHADUNA accepts written contributions from various parties both in the form of field research and library research or the results of thought.<br>Published <strong>June</strong> and <strong>December</strong> each year.</p> en-US (Zakaria Batubara) Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:43:02 +0700 OJS 60 Bisnis Dalam Peradaban Islam <p>The most felt failure of modernization which is a direct result of the era of globalization is in the economic field. Modern capitalism which although finally able to prove its superiority from socialism, in fact, has given birth to various problems, especially for third world countries (including Muslim countries) which tend to be objects rather than subject to capitalism. Associated with the failure of Western capitalism in these Muslim countries, the realization that the roots of capitalism are not from Islam, then arouse the desire to reconstruct economic systems that are considered "authentic" derived from Islam. Moreover, history shows that economic thought has also been carried out by Islamic scholars, even long before Adam Smith wrote his monumental book The Wealth of Nations. In a very general sense, it can be said that the capitalist world is already very familiar with the teachings of Islam and its leaders. These conditions get the legitimacy of the verses of the Qur'an in collecting assets from a maximum effort. With so many verses of the Koran that teach the right way of business and wrong business practices even regarding very small matters, basically the position of business and commerce in Islamic civilization is very important.</p> Sukma Mehilda Copyright (c) 2019 IQTISHADUNA: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi Kita Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:22:50 +0700 E-Commerce Di Era Industri 4.0 Dan Society 5.0 <p>This paper discusses e-commerce, industry 4.0 and society 5.0 which includes definitions, history, framework and dimensions of technology. From this scope, a comparison was made between industry 4.0 and society 5.0 and a discussion on the alignment and impact of industry 4.0 and society 5.0 on e-commerce. After a deeper comparison and discussion, it can be concluded that technology society 5.0 is a continuation of industry technology 4.0. Then there is technology alignment between e-commerce with the era of industrial 4.0 and society 5.0, where e-commerce technology follows and adapts its technology to each of those eras. The era of industrial 4.0 and society 5.0 had many positive impacts on the development and progress of e-commerce.</p> Decky Hendarsyah Copyright (c) 2019 IQTISHADUNA: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi Kita Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:24:17 +0700 Membangun Dan Mengembangkan Serta Meningkatkan UMKM Di Desa Tenggayun <p>Development of the physical sector which continues to advance along with the rapid advancement of science and technology needs to be balanced with the progress of society in nonphysical aspects. So far the progress of science and technology still leaves the community behind on non-physical aspects. Higher Education plays an important role in participating in the success of the National development program. The main objective of national development is the formation of modern Indonesian society but still adhering to the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. In Indonesia, the definition of micro small and medium enterprises is regulated in the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 20 of 2008 concerning micro small and medium enterprises. In the formation of this modern society, universities are tasked with creating experts who must have high knowledge and be able to develop their knowledge through technology that can ultimately be utilized by the Indonesian people as a whole. By following the pace of increasingly dynamic development steps to improve human resources both in the utilization and processing of natural resources and human resources. In implementing the knowledge possessed from various disciplines which henceforth can be applied in the midst of the community especially the Tenggayun village in terms of building and developing and enhancing micro, small and medium businesses.</p> Irawan Fakhrudin Mahalizikri Copyright (c) 2019 IQTISHADUNA: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi Kita Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:29:56 +0700 Pendekatan Ekonomi Kreatif Terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi <p>This study aims to determine how much influence the creative economy approach has on economic growth. Based on the results of the hypothesis tested the influence of the creative economy on economic growth was rejected. This has been proven from the results of simple linear regression testing which shows that the influence of the creative economy on economic growth is weak. It can be understood that the creative economy in the village of Pedekik is engaged in the business of creative industries still lacking new innovations, creativity and new inventions so that they can compete with market developments. Indeed the creative economy will slowly replace the role of commodities and natural resources as a supporter of the Indonesian economy. This study shows the results that there is no influence on the creative economy on economic growth.</p> Sri Wahyuningsih, Dede Satriani Copyright (c) 2019 IQTISHADUNA: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi Kita Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:30:58 +0700 Idealisme Perencanaan Keuangan Rumah Tangga Muslim <p>Islamic economics is based on the piety based economy. The piety based economy is reflected in a Muslim's faith in the unseen, establishing prayers, spending part of his wealth fi sabilillah, believing in the Quran and the holy books of Allah which was revealed before the Prophet Muhammad, and believed in the afterlife. Because getting guidance from Allah, in the end, they benefit the world and the hereafter, including fortunate in planning household finances. By using descriptive analysis methods, this study will uncover and produce patterns of consumption, saving considerations, investment and final spending that are ideal for the financial planning of Muslim households.</p> Saiful Bahri Copyright (c) 2019 IQTISHADUNA: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi Kita Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:32:13 +0700 Analisis Strategi Pemasaran UMKM Di Era 4.0 <p>This research is literature research, aimed at knowing how to analyze the marketing strategies used by micro, small and medium businesses in the digital age 4.0. The results of the analysis in this study found that micro, small and medium enterprises in Indonesia are still low when compared to other countries. The contribution of the micro, small and medium business sector to national exports was 15.80% lower than Malaysia 19.00%, Sri Lanka 20.00%. One contributing factor to the low contribution rate is the lack of potential use of existing resources by micro, small and medium business actors such as the use of mobile social media. Through the digital era 4.0 the marketing system of the micro, small and medium business sector is expected to utilize the maximum potential so that it can grow inclusive and sustainably.</p> Mashuri Mashuri Copyright (c) 2019 IQTISHADUNA: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi Kita Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:33:40 +0700 Pengukuran Kesehatan Bank Syariah Berdasarkan Islamicity Performance Index <p>This research is motivated by the performance of Islamic banks in Pekanbaru as measured in terms of the Islamicity Performance Index. This research is field research, with qualitative descriptive methods. The sampling method uses simple random sampling. The number of respondents in this study amounted to 93 people. Data collection is done by means of observation, interviews, documentation and questionnaires. Based on strategic planning and Islamicity Performance Index using Islamic economic perspective in the form of financial ratios namely profit sharing ratio, zakat performance ratio, equitable distribution ratio, director employee welfare ratio, Islamic investment versus non-Islamic investment ratio and Islamic income versus non-Islamic income and more focused the zakat performance ratio shows that the financial performance of Bank Muamalat Indonesia is better than Bank Syariah Mandiri.</p> Muhammad Makruflis Copyright (c) 2019 IQTISHADUNA: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi Kita Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:34:58 +0700 Pengaruh Perintah Perjalanan Dinas Terhadap Peningkatan Motivasi Kerja Aparatur Sipil Negara Di Sekretariat DPRD Kabupaten Bengkalis <p>The Secretariat of the Bengkalis Regency Regional Representative Council has used official travel orders as a step to increase work motivation of its employees or employees. In this research, the author wants to examine how official travel procedures are and whether there is an effect of providing official travel with work motivation by reason of wages in addition to their income, as well as an Islamic perspective on official travel. This study uses quantitative descriptive methods. From this study, it was found that the Secretariat of the Bengkalis Regency Regional Representative Office had used procedures in accordance with the Regulations of the Regent No. 82 of 2017. Then there was a significant influence of the Official Travel Order on Work Motivation of the Civil Civil Apparatuses in the Bengkalis Regency Regional Representative Council Secretariat. Meanwhile, according to the perspective of sharia, there is nothing wrong as long as it is run according to the rules.</p> Muhammad Elsa Tomisa, Nadrah Nadrah Copyright (c) 2019 IQTISHADUNA: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi Kita Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:36:26 +0700 Pengaruh Pendapatan Margin Murabahah Terhadap Peningkatan Modal Bank Syari’ah Mandiri <p>Murabahah financing is one of the most common types of contracts applied in Islamic banking financing activities. This is because most of the credit and financing provided by the banking sector in Indonesia relies on the consumer sector. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of murabahah margin income on the increase in capital of Bank Syari'ah Mandiri. The research method used is a simple linear regression quantitative analysis. From the results of the coefficient of determination shows that murabahah margin income to increase the capital of Bank Syari'ah Mandiri has no significant effect, only contributing 6.6% and the remaining 93.4% can be explained by other factors such as liabilities, wadi'ah demand deposits, wadi'ah savings, burdens and mudharabah savings.</p> Trizuan Trizuan, Sandi Andika Copyright (c) 2019 IQTISHADUNA: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi Kita Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:37:48 +0700 Pelelangan Barang Gadai Dalam Persfektif Islam <p>Pawn is an alternative for people who experience economic problems but do not want to lose their valuable possessions. The pawn can be done in the pawnshop as well as other financial institutions that provide pawn services. In Islam, the pawn is known as Ar-Rahn, which is to hold one of the borrower's assets from the loan he received. In a sharia pawnshop, the auction system applies to customers, if the customer is unable to pay his debt after maturity. The sale of liens after maturity is legal. That, according to the purpose of the understanding of the nature of the pawning itself, that is, as a trustee of a debt to be fulfilled. If the debtor is unable to pay the debt, the pawned goods can be sold to pay the debt, by representing the seller to a fair and trusted person. Auction according to sharia must also be able to be accounted for in Islamic law, which is free from the elements of gharar, maisir, usury and bathil.</p> Dewi Oktayani Copyright (c) 2019 IQTISHADUNA: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi Kita Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:39:14 +0700 Manajemen Risiko Reputasi Dalam Pasar Modal Syariah <p>The application of sharia principles in the capital market certainly comes from the Qur'an and the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. Both of these sources made the scholars interpret later called the science of jurisprudence. One of the discussions in the science of jurisprudence is a discussion about muamalah, namely the relationship between human beings related to commerce. Based on that Islamic capital market activities are developed on the basis of muamalah fiqh. There are muamalah fiqh rules which state that basically, all forms of muamalah are permissible unless there is an argument which forbids it. This concept is the principle of the Sharia Capital Market in Indonesia. The development of the Sharia Capital Market reached a new milestone with the enactment of Law Number 19 of 2008 concerning Government Sharia Securities on May 7, 2008. This law is needed as a legal basis for the issuance of state sharia securities or state Sukuk. On August 26, 2008, for the first time, the Government of Indonesia issued the State Sharia Securities series IFR0001 and IFR0002.</p> Sri Rahmani Copyright (c) 2019 IQTISHADUNA: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi Kita Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:40:07 +0700